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If all our staff share one thing in common, which unites us even though we hark from China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Australia and the UK, it’s a love of money. We will work very hard for money, tweeting day and night, clicking your competitors’ adwords so they waste all their money, and talking the boardroom speak until you truly believe that social media can bring you your holy grail of KPIs, ROI and all that other marketing gobbledegook. We will happily write blogs that butcher the queen’s English in order to provide premium links to websites that purely exist to make money for businesses. We hope to see the day when there are more social media managers in Hong Kong than babies.

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Our social media management company gives opportunities to any human being who wants to work pro-actively towards a free future. Business development and lead generation are considered a form of giving back to the community, so they are rewarded the most financially. There are many people who don’t want to give, they just want a job to pay their bills. To those people we say: ok, expect to receive a survivalist income – you’re contributing nothing to the common good of your colleagues. But to the mavericks and misfits of the world who truly have a lot of passion for mutual caring and mutual growth within an organisation, we say come join us – together we can make a big difference.

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Our philosophy within social media management is simple – we only work with companies who see the pure logic of finding an affordable monthly fee, which can be increased or decreased as campaigns and seasons suggest – but who understand that doing something not just for the mid-term but for the long-term – is the best way to grow a professional and influential social media presence. Beyond “just” social media management, what we’re truly striving for is “social media development” – finding your followers and fans and engaging them means that our network grows too – and by working together, we can turn niche into mainstream.

  • JadeSmall Business Platform
  • $440per month
    • 800+ new contacts
    • Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler
    • Twitter Virality to 100,000 followers
    • 1 City Reach

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  • SnakeMedium Enterprise Platform
  • $880per month
    • 2000+ new contacts
    • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
    • Twitter Virality 250,000 followers
    • 3 city reach

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  • DragonCorporate Platform
  • $1320per month
    • 4000+ new contacts
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram &P interest
    • Twitter Virality 500,000 followers
    • 5 city reach

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